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Sep 27, 2012 6:30pm PDT
has been one of the central topics on the agenda at the united nations general assembly in new york. both palestinian authority president abbas and israeli prime minister netanyahu and addressed the delegates. >> after failing to secure full member status last year, abbas has set his sights on gaining recognition as a non-member state this time around. despite the move, angering israel, abbas said this could be the last chance for peace. >> we realize that the progress toward making peace is through negotiations between the palestinian liberation organization and listen -- and israel. by the complexities of the prevailing reality and the frustrations that abound, we say to the international community that there is still a chance -- maybe the last -- to save the two-state solution and to salvage peace. >> netanyahu spent most of his speech warning of nuclear-armed iran. we will have more on that later, but earlier, netanyahu denounced radical islam and the threat it poses to israel and the outside world. >> he also made mention of jewish settlement and the palestinian territories, on
Sep 26, 2012 6:30pm PDT
. >> ahmadinejad used his final appearance on the united nations stage to criticize israel once again. >> continued threats by the uncivilized zionists to resort to military action are a bitter reality in my great country. >> western nations, which accused iran of developing nuclear weapons, usually walk out during his speeches, but the seats filled up with this man took the stage -- the egyptian president addressed the assembly on the need for international negotiations rather than military intervention in syria. >> we need a solution that preserves the unity of this brotherly state, involves all factions of the syrian people without mitchell, religious, or sectarian division. >> he also said it was outrageous that palestinians are still being denied their right to an independent state. the dig at israel was no doubt appreciated by iran. >> for more, we go now to our correspondent, who is standing by at the un general assembly. tough talk from a mood ahmadinejad in his final address as iranian president, but nothing new, really. >> the question is how bad these grants will be against israel and th
Sep 26, 2012 7:00pm PDT
are not in accord with the fundamental spirit of the united nations charter. that is unacceptable and goes against the wisdom of humanity. >> noda said it's the responsibility of nations to protect their territory. he said that japan will fulfill that responsibility. but he stressed that his country will uphold the principles shared by the international community under all circumstances. he also criticized south korea to the international court of justice but their counter parts have rejected the criticisms. he said countries should pay more attention to the function of the international court. noda said japanese officials would respond calmly but his comments brought hill calm in some corners. >>> what were the major points that prime minister noda wanted to make in his speech? >> japanese officials were at first reluctant to raise the problems with south korea and china at the general assembly. the forum is for multinational challenges, not bilateral issues. the japanese were concerned they might be criticized for not sincerely contributing to the development of international society. but the th
Sep 25, 2012 6:30pm PDT
a minute. >> stay tuned. >> welcome back. in his address to the united nations general assembly, united states president barack obama said the recent unrest in the arab world would not prevent a march toward progress. many countries which sought dictatorships toppled has -- have struggled to establish civil institutions and democratic societies. >> recent protests against a u.s.-made and that-islamic film highlighted the debate these societies face over freedom of speech and religious tolerance. we met up with one artist in tunisia who is grateful for the freedoms that he now enjoys. >> he has been a cartoonist for 40 years. during that time, pen and paper have been his weapons in the fight against injustice and the struggle for change. he says the revolution in tunisia has given him new freedoms both personally and professionally. >> we only have freedom of expression in a few areas like sports, culture, or social issues. politics was taboo, regardless of whether the criticism was directed at public authorities or the government itself. we complied with those policies all those years u
Sep 28, 2012 6:30pm PDT
, but by redoubling our efforts. westerwelle speaking at the united nations in new york. france is a socialist government has unveiled a budget that is being called the toughest in three decades -- france's socialist government. it includes tax hikes for the rich and businesses in france. it is aimed at showing francois hollande and his team have the physical rigor to maintain france's reputation as a pillar in the eurozone. >> they came to narrow the deficit next year to 3% of national output -- date came to narrow the deficit next year. >> among the measures -- a temporary 75% income tax on earnings over 1 million euros. business also faces cuts in tax breaks. the prime minister presented the 2013 budget. >> this is a budget for social justice. and it is a budget for growth. it prepares us for the future. it is a courageous and responsible budget. >> the package includes public spending cuts of 10 billion euros. france's economy is in a precarious position. second quarter gdp was stagnant, and unemployment has just talked 3 million -- topped 3 million. the government is aiming to make good o
Sep 28, 2012 7:00pm PDT
members include a former ambassador to the united nations and a seismologist as well as experts in the field of nuclear energy and radiation. >> will this be enough to guarantee the nra's independence? >> not really. the nra is now under the umbrella of the environment ministry. this means politicians and bureaucrats will still have influence because they control the agency's budget. another issue is a composition of the nra's task. more than 80% of its employees come from previous regulatory bodies. to prevent conflictsf interest, the government says nra employees will be prohibited from moving or returning to the ministry of industry. the government unit that promoted nuclear energy, but critics are already finding loopholes in this. >> what challenges will the nra be facing over the coming months? >> there's a long list. without doubt, the most important and immediate challenge is redefining nuclear safety regulations. new standards will have to take into account the latest findings and technological advances to make sure nuclear plants can withstand natural disasters and maj
Oct 1, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. >>> the united nations fund has marked older persons with celebrating life expectancies. the fund's executive director launched the report in tokyo. it says rising living standards are creating older societies. it estimated by 2050 one in five people in the world will be over six. that's up from one in nine today. he also warned that populations in developing countries will age faster than those in developed countries. he says 80% of the elderly will live in developing countries by 2050. >> if the developing countries of the world don't begin to put social policies in place, it might catch up with them so fast that it might become a challenge. >> the u.n. official said countries should make full use of labor force for long term economic growth. he called on japan to share its experiences with the world's fastest aging population. >>> an old tale of love found and lost moved a new audience last month in moscow. coin of vows tells the story of two people who meet and form a strong connection even though their countries are waging war. >> reporter: it takes place in western japan during the japa
Sep 25, 2012 7:00pm PDT
australia. officials with the united nations refugee agency says they received 12,000 such people last year. australia authorities are working on a plan to reopen offshore detention centers. they hope to deter seekers by sending them to neighboring countries. >>> vietnam and the united states were enemies during the 1960s and '70s. but 37 years after the vietnam war ended, they're finding some shared goals, such as countering the rise of china. the battles of the past remain fresh in many people's minds. so a diary returned to the family of a north vietnamese soldier has taken on special significance. nhk world's akiko ichihara reports reports from hanoi. >> reporter: duong was killed in 1966 during the battle with american forces. he wrote a diary about his life on the front line and in the jungle. for years, the diary was in the position of a former u.s. marine. but last week it was handed over to his son by an official from vietnam's defense ministry. >> translator: this is so precious to us. we're grateful to the american soldier who kept it for so many years. >> reporter: it is part of
Sep 24, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. there were preemptive strikes on neighboring countries. the united states and other nations are staging what they call the largest ever joint mission in the persian gulf. >> translator: our negotiating stance has opinion that if western countries provide us with 20% enriched yuranium we have no intention of producing it. i hope they will remain at the negotiating table. >> reporter: he wants to open international talks on the issue. he has just tried to buy time but the sanction hitting the country hard. ahmadinejad is scheduled to speak to the u.n. wednesday. it will be his last to general assembly before his term ends next year. it's going to be his last major task to repair international relations and iran's struggling economy. few expect that to happen. nhk world, new york. >> the drill u.s. forces are leading in the persian gulf. 34 nations are taking part. we went aboard a ship and japanese mine sweeper to bring us this first hand look. >> reporter: this u.s. navy support ship was built 41 years ago and was due to be decommissioned earlier this year. the vessel was used to land troops
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9